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Will I die in my first session?

Obviously depending on your current fitness levels before you join us... most likely Yes haha joking. But, we all started there, we were all that 'first session back to fitness' person at one point. Every member through our door felt this before first session! BUT, our community will be by your side and I promise you will smile at the end!

I mean, if you want to be picked on then yes ;) Joking! You can stand where ever you feel comfortable, but my promise to you is, no one in our community will look at you/stare... we have no alphas and no egos. Do not worry! I have trained my community to focus on themselves and give me that extra rep instead of standing looking around! ;)

Babe, we all leave looking like a sweaty pig... we all leave carrying a bucket of sweat and like we have been tomato sauce face dipping. You will just look like us!

Wellbeing Complex - No joining fees. One month notice required to leave (Solictior will be in touch to settle final payment if you leave without paying final payment). Standing order set up on day of first class. Form to fill out at first session).

Personal Training - Pay up front monthly for sessions. Without payment, your session will not be reserved. Unless payment plan agreed with PT*

Cancelations - Must give minimum 48hours notice to cancel PT otherwise you will not get refunded/payment still required.

No refunds once payment has been made (especially with bundle PT programs. You have made the commitment, stick out the commitment!!)

Thank you!

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Unit 20
Enterprise City
DL16 6JF

Opening times

Tues - Thurs: 6am - 10am
Mon - Fri: 4pm - 8pm
Saturday: 7am - 11am

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