Missing Nutrition with Image Geek

Struggling with bloating, cramps, acne, headaches, fatigues or just lacking energy? Try our Food Intolerance Test & Mindset Wellbeing Consultation.

What does it involve?

Missing Nutrition ran by Image Geek uses a electro-dermal-screening device created in the 1950's, by a German Dr and Physicist. It picks up energy through a hand held device, pain free circuit, which food ampoules get added to the circuit and if the food item does not agree with you an abnormal reading occurs known as a resistance.

The consulation

£55/ session
  • 45 minutes
  • Over 80 substances
  • Nutritional advice and wellbeing guide
  • Counselling geared to clients needs
  • Personalised elimination plan to help you finally get results and feel better!

Help with food shopping

  • 1 hour shop
  • Supermarket of your choice
  • I shop with you and we swap bad for good together
  • You get a Food Shopper Guide at the end to keep which covers what we have talked about, food labels, macronutrient content and more.

So what are you waiting for?

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